Aishath Zulfishan is the first indigenous spa manager in the Maldives.

///Aishath Zulfishan is the first indigenous spa manager in the Maldives.

Aishath Zulfishan is the first indigenous spa manager in the Maldives.

Protected secret formula with beneficial effects: Guests can enjoy traditional Maldivian healing methods at the world’s only underwater spa at the luxury resort Huvafen Fushi. Aishath Zulfishan, the first native spa manager of the dream island, has already been treated with local medical plants by her grandmother as a child. Deeply rooted in the Maldivian culture and with the knowledge transmitted by a Hakeema, as Maldivian healers are called, today she is successfully treating her guests with local plants, tree roots and oils.

The origins of traditional Maldivian health science go far back: Based on the various healing methods of the many tribes of Africa, India, Sri Lanka, Persia and Arabia, who have contributed to the present Maldivian colonization, a wide knowledge about curative powers of roots, herbs, leaves and woods have developed. Due to the lack of other opportunities these skills were largely preserved on these islands.
Thus, the traditional Maldivian healing medicine, called Dhivehi Beys, is passed on from generation to generation, which also preserves the knowledge, culture, tradition and skills of the natives.

DHIMAALIS is the name given to Zulfishan’s traditional spa treatment which is based on a secret recipe of ancient traditions. The name originates from the local healing medicine, meaning well-being and sensuality. The treatment starts with a gentle body scrub of sand and Maldivian herbs. The scrub is cleaned with salt water from the lagoon, and leaves the skin purified, awakening new life spirits.

The traditionally applied massage of the new Spa Manager sets the energy flow back into motion, activating the self-healing powers and stimulating the blood circulation. Aishath’s interaction of ancient knowledge and modern techniques relieves discomfort such as muscle tension, migraine, joint pain, water retention and nerve tension. No one less than the globally recognized spa superstar Beata Aleksandrowicz has recently given the massage its seal of approval.

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